Manuel Antonio National Park

Open daily from 7.30 am to 4 pm. Closed Mondays

The park includes 12 rocky islands that are a sanctuary for sea birds and sea creatures that take advantage of the lush vegetation and flora. The Manuel AntonioNational Park is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches all blue flag, includingSouth Costa Verde, Playa Manuel Antonio, Playa Puerto Escondido Center andBeach (the latter only can be entered during the low tide) .

You can easily observe varieties of animals like white-faced monkey, or squirrelTiti monkey, sloths, coatis, agoutis, pacas and great diversity of birds. ManuelAntonio Park is the park most visited by foreign tourists, thus becomes the secondmost visited park in Costa Rica.


Places to visit

Playa Manuel Antonio: The main attraction of the park has a beach with little surfthat is more like a lake, the coolness of the shade of the tropical forest that reaches the high tide line and the great variety of animals that move its surroundings make it the ideal spot to enjoy your stay.

Costa Verde South: It is the largest beach of the park has a trail that can travel along the entire beach has countless areas to choose a place to enjoy its benefitsin the privacy of the forest.

Punta Catedral: With a path that has a course of about an hour, which surrounds itwith stunning views of the Pacific. It used to be an island that is now attached to the coast.

Lazy Trail: Named for the number of these animals can be observed, as well asmonkeys, iguanas and birds.

Sendero El Mirador:
Allows you to admire in all its majesty Puerto EscondidoBeach, Punta Saw

Puerto Escondido:
This is the third beach inside the park is shaped like ahorseshoe and can only be visited during low tide.

Additional information about the National Park:

Location: Pacific Coast 7 km south of Quepos in the province of Puntarenas

682 hectares and 55000 hectares of sea

Precipitation: Average 3800mm. The highest rainfall months are June to November and the months of least rainfall is December through May.

Average Temperature: 27 º C to 30 ° C

Entrance fee: $ 10 Costa Rican visitors U.S. $ 3.5 (closed on Mondays)

Services: battery has 4 bathrooms and showers, facilities for people with physical limitations, trails, picnic areas, area of ​​residence for people in the area of ​​PlayaManuel Antonio.