Restaurant Puerto Escondido

The restaurant is located poolside and surrounded by lush nature of the area.Offers a variety of tropical and international dishes. By combining the freshness of the ingredients, you will find a perfect environment for your enjoyment.

Snacks: Delicious  and perfect to accompany your favorite drinks and cocktails. The most popular are:Chicken  or beef fajitas and nachos

Seabass or red snapper Ceviche Always a favorite.

Chicken or beef quesadillas

Fried Fingers fish with tartar Sauce

Fried squid with your chosen sauce

Main Menu Variety of dishes will leave you to choose from salads, soups, pastas, meats, seafood, and more …Hearts of Palm Salad with Orange-Basil and Fresh MozzarellaTuna Carpaccio

Mussels in white wine

Espadilla Seafood Soup -shells mussels, fish pieces….

Beef Steak in  Passion Fruit Sauce

Tropical Beef Tenderloin in a Pineapple slice.

Tuna in Mushroom Sauce or Wasabi and Soy

Fresh Tuna with green pepper Sauce


Try the great taste of the desserts:

Lemon Pie, Brownie with Amaretto and Ice Cream, three milks and Coconut flan.

Spanish Colonial decor incorporating terra cotta pottery and natural wood to the colorful art work on its walls, Puerto Escondido emits a casual, laid back vibe with creative continental cooking!